Lower School Program

Our Lower School program introduces young learners to the world around them in an active and engaging manner, employing multisensory instruction, which gives kids more than one way to make connections and learn concepts. Multisensory teaching isn’t just limited to reading and listening. Instead, it tries to use all of the senses. Every lesson won’t use all of a child’s senses (taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing and movement). But in most multi-sensory lessons, students engage with the material in more than one way.

Our Lower School week is Monday through Thursday, 9am-1pm.  Extended care options are available.  Take a look at our day!

Our curriculum includes:

Building Blocks for Literacy®:

Students learn emerging reader skills using research-based, hands-on, multi-sensory techniques which have been proven to increase pre-literacy skills, and decrease literacy risk levels. Our program focuses on:

  • Phonological and phonemic awareness (breaking spoken language into its smallest parts)
  • Language development including vocabulary
  • Shared book reading
  • Speech-to-print connection, including alphabet knowledge and early writing


Edible Education:

CDC studies show that if kids get 50 hours of cooking education before they are 12, it will change the way they think about food. The Edible Education hands-on curriculum gives students confidence in the kitchen. Edible Education classes are designed to:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to interact with role models displaying healthy eating habits and lifestyles
  • Get children up, active and participating in meal planning and preparation
  • Fight childhood obesity
  • Bring Science and Math to life
  • Broaden a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world with international cuisines
  • Teach cooperation and the ability to work well with others to complete a task
  • Have a ball!


ENB Languages 4 Kidz:

ENB Languages 4 Kidz is an enrichment program focused on foreign language acquisition and knowledge of the world around us through the Arts. As our communities become culturally and linguistically diverse, there is a growing need to engage young children in multicultural activities that will ultimately reflect positively in their overall social skills and academic achievement.

Children learning a new language will not only be able to easily pick up the native accent (speak like a native), but will also gain the foundation for learning different ways. This will prove helpful for problem solving, logic + reasoning, and multi-tasking. Your children will start to fine tune a key part of their brain at a very young age.


STEM=Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art,) & Math Education:

An integrated approach to learning that incorporates the knowledge and skills that are essential to student’s long-term success by intertwining learning into real-world situations and hand-on learning. We incorporate STE(A)M through various method, including:

  • Lego engineering
  • Programming and logic
  • Rube Goldberg
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Strategic Gaming
  • …and more!