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Congratulations to Lord of the Bricks Robotics Team 7039!

Congratulations to Lord of the Bricks Robotics Team 7039 for ranking FIRST in the Kamen Division at Virginia State Championships this weekend, and securing an invitation to East Super Regional Championships!  The Team finished the qualifiers undefeated, scoring 440 rank points and 10 qualifying point, with a high score of 230 (the current world record currently stands at 300).  Championships will be held on March 17-20, 2017 at the University of Scranton in Scranton, PA.  


FIRST: FIRST is a non-profit organization that inspires children ages 6-18 to develop an interest in STEM via a hands-on robotics engineering program. During the program, team members are required to build and program a robot, with guidance from coaches and mentors, using their own ingenuity. FIRST Tech Challenge:FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a high school-level FIRST program that allows teens to compete in a two-on-two team sports-styled competition. Teams are given a challenge annually which is released world-wide on the same day. They must design, build and program a robot which accomplishes the challenge tasks, and produce an engineering notebook, while participating in community outreach, fundraising, and business planning.

TEAM: Lord of the Bricks is a group of robotics teams based in the Richmond, Virginia area supported by Homeschool Resources Group, a non-profit organization. Our FTC Team competes against teams in a sports model-styled competition in science, engineering, and robotics by designing, building, and programming award winning robots.

Our 2016-2017 team is comprised mostly of rookies. This year’s team is comprised of all homeschoolers. We emphasize having fun while we learn. This year we have five students, and three mentors.

Lord of the Bricks secured a spot at the Virginia State Championships with a 2nd place nomination for the Inspire Award!  In addition, the team also took home the THINK AWARD, and placed with 3rd place PTC AWARD. They entered semi-finals in 6th place (out of 24 teams) , and competed alongside the 4th-seed alliance captains. 

Team 7039 further went on to rank #1 in the Kamen division at Virginia State Championships, prompting an invitation to the East Super Regional Championships in Scranton, PA March 17-20 to compete against 71 other fabulous teams from 13 States and DC for a chance to go to World Championships. The team performed admirably, ending the day having won all five qualifying matches.

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We’re moving!

Homeschool Resources Group is moving to a bigger and better location, and our new amenities are sure to impress!  Stay tuned for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

NEW Online classes and dual enrollment courses from Liberty University!

Homeschool Resources Group offers both online K-12 and dual enrollment courses through Liberty University.  Through dual enrollment, high school juniors and seniors may receive both high school and college credits without ever stepping foot on the campus!


NEW French  classes scheduled!

We have just found a French teacher, who has agreed to offer French I & I, as well as French for Little Learners!  These classes will be added to the Monday schedule during the 2pm-4pm block.  With enough interest, we could add a French II & IV class.  Let us know your thoughts!

 Milestone Graduation and Awards Ceremony

If you have a student celebrating a milestone or receiving a special award, please join us for our awards ceremony and banquet, Thursday, June 25th 5pm.  This event will be in conjunction with our Lord of the Bricks Robotics award ceremony and banquet. Students desiring recognition for an achievement can receive the honor in front of family and friends and other participants.  Families can provide their own award/certificate, or can purchase one of ours. Students graduating up a grade will receive a certificate of completion. Students graduating from High School will receive a professionally-printed diploma, with seal and cover, with the student’s name and their home school. Families may also choose to participate in the banquet that will follow.  We will also have a professional photographer available for pictures. Families interested should contact us at info@homeschoolresourcesgroup@gmail.com, 804-410-4474, or stop by the Center at 2323 Westwood Ave, Richmond, VA 23230 by FRIDAY, JUNE 1st, 2015.

Group CAT Testing

Homeschool Resources Group will be administering proctored group CAT tests for students desiring that option.  Testing will occur at the Homeschool Resources Group Center on designated test days.  Tests must be paid in advance to allow for ordering. Paper Test w/ proctoring- $30 + $9 Shipping Online Test w/ immediate results & proctoring – $30 Additional sessions of the same test – $5 each Test dates and deadlines: June 10…order by June 1 July 22…order by July 1   We also have evaluators available, should testing not be your desired option.

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