Scratch Programming Series – Day 2

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Scratch Programming Series – Day 2

Scratch is a simple programming language and game design platform that was developed by MIT. It was created to get young students interested in STEM (computer science specifically). It features a drag and drop interface that makes it easy to use. You DO NOT need any programming or computer science experience!

Students in this series will complete game design using Scratch.

Sessions are 1.5 hours; Students should bring laptops (3rd grade and up)

Virtual and In-Class sessions available


Intro Scratch programming (Farm Game) – Tuesday, May 24th 10-11:30am

  • Scratch basics
  • Adding sprites
  • Adding backgrounds
  • Adding Say blocks
  • Adding sounds
  • Adding Broadcast blocks

Scratch programming – Part 2: Broadcast Blocks and Sprite Placement (Farm Game) –  Tuesday, May 24th 12-1:30pm

  • Control blocks – Repeat Until, Forever, When Sprite Clicked
  • Sensing blocks – Touching
  • Sprite positioning

Scratch programming –  Part 3: The Ask block and Stage Control (Farm Game) – Tuesday, May 24th 2-3:30pm

Scratch programming –  Part 4: Changing Backgrounds and Costumes (Farm Game) – Wednesday, May 25th 10-11:30pm

Scratch programming –  Part 5: Drag and Drop Sprites (Farm Game) – Wednesday, May 25th 12-1:30pm

Scratch programming –  Part 6: Variables and Setting Speeds (Race Car Game) – Wednesday, May 25th 2:15-3:45pm

Scratch programming –  Part 7: Setting Lap Times, Enhancements and Extras (Race Car Game) – Wednesday, May 25th 4:15-5:45pm