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Lord of the Bricks Robotics Teams

Lord of the Bricks Robotics Teams

Our school is home to the award-winning  championship teams of Lord of the Bricks Robotics!  Our student participate in the FIRST family of robotics competitions, as well as in the Google Luna X-Prize competition, and any other science/robotics competition they can handle!

Our 5 to 10-yr-olds can participate in FIRST Lego League Junior, which introduces them to science, robotics, and STEM through hands-on applications and learning.

Our 9 to 14-yr-olds can compete in the FIRST Lego League (FLL) competition each Fall.  FLL offers kids the opportunity to create a robot that will autonomously traverse a challenging obstacle course, as well as the chance to learn about current problems in Science, with the very real opportunity to solve them!  Competition season generally lasts from August to November.

Our middle and high schoolers ages 11-18 can compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition.  FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a high school-level FIRST program that allows teens to compete in a two-on-two team sports-styled competition. Teams are given a challenge annually which is released world-wide on the same day. They must design, build and program a robot which accomplishes the challenge tasks, and produce an engineering notebook, while participating in community outreach, fundraising, and business planning.  Students on this team have access to scholarships, as well as preferred job and internship placement.  Competition season generally lasts from September to April.

For more information on these teams, visit the team website.  Potential members and interested individuals are welcome at all points throughout the year.  New members are encouraged to visit the team during regular meetings, participate in team projects, and interact with the team to learn more about the program, and to understand team dynamics.  Teams also conduct workshops and camps throughout the year.

Contact Lord of the Brick: lordofthebricksrobotics@gmail.com

Twitter: @LordoftheBricks
Learn more about our coach by reading her interview with SolidWorks Engineering as she was featured as the May 2016 Woman in Engineering of the month!