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Envirothon High School Team

Envirothon High School Team

Henrico Envirothon A Natural Resources Competition for High School Students

Envirothon Goals

• To promote a desire to learn more about the natural environment and develop knowledge and skills to apply the basic principles and practices of resource management and ecology.
• To promote the stewardship of natural resources and develop critical thinking skills, cooperative problem solving skills, and decision making skills of students to balance the quality of life and quality of the environment.
• To provide students with experience in environmentally oriented activities that enables them to become environmentally aware, action oriented citizens.

• FUN •

What is Envirothon?
Envirothon is a hands-on environmental problem solving competition for high school students. The competition is based on real world environmental scenarios. Teams will have the opportunity to work in the field with natural resource professionals.

Teams Are Tested in Five Areas
Early in the school year, volunteer advisors coach teams and are assisted throughout the year by participating natural resource agencies. Ultimately, students are tested on their knowledge in five topic areas: soils;, aquatics, forestry, wildlife and a current environmental issue. An oral presentation is also a component of the competition.

High Schoolers interested in joining this team should contact the Homeschool Resources Group at homeschoolresourcesgroup@gmail.com, 804-410-4474, or signup online. There is no cost to join the team.