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National Beta Club Honor Society

National Beta Club Honor Society

What is the BETA CLUB?

The National Beta Club is an honor organization that recognizes outstanding academic achievement, promotes strong moral character and social responsibility, encourages service to others, fosters leadership skills, and provides settings for you to develop strong interpersonal skills.

National Beta Club Divisions:

Junior Beta Club:

  • Division I – Grades 4-5
  • Division II – Grades 6-8

Senior Beta Club – Grades 9-12


Who qualifies for membership in the Homeschool Resources Group BETA CLUB?

Students who have earned all A’s and B’s in content areas (Junior Beta Club), or a minimum of 3.0 gpa (Senior Beta Club), who also exemplify strong character, and have maintained role model behavior throughout the school year are eligible to apply for membership in the Beta Club.


What are the requirements of membership?

Each member must pay induction dues and participate in at least 10 hours of community service (Junior Beta Club) or 15 hours of community service (Senior Beta Club) throughout the school year, which must be certified by the Homeschool Resources Group . Students are strongly encouraged to participate in as many service projects as possible since this is the key to leadership development within our organization.


What are the dues for members?

There is a annual fee of $30 collected prior to induction. This includes a $15 national induction fee, and $15 local dues. You may wish to explore the National Beta Club website at www.betaclub.org to learn more about the benefits that are included in the induction fee.


How do I apply for membership?

If a student earns the required grades/gpa, (s)he may complete the application form, and return it, along with one letter of recommendation and a grade report.

Complete applications, grade reports, and recommendation letters must be submitted no later than 5pm on FRIDAY, November 6, 2015 for Fall Induction.  

beta club application 2015

 Mail or Return to:
Homeschool Resources Group
PO Box 1701
Mechanicsville, VA 23116

How will I know I have been accepted into the Beta Club?

Invitations for accepted students will be distributed during the week of November 16-20. After invitations are distributed, prospective inductees must return their intention sheet and dues to the Homeschool Resources Group by November 30, 2015.  New members will participate in Beta Club induction ceremony will be held in January 2015 at the Homeschool Resources Group Center.

Please note, completion of an application does NOT guarantee an invitation to membership.  All criteria must be fulfilled by the applicant in order to qualify.



  • Kimberley Harris says:

    Once my child has applied, and perhaps been accepted into the Senior Beta Club: what activities, meetings, social events, etc. will she be expected to participate during the year?

    • homeschoolresourcesgroup@gmail.com says:

      Students inducted into the Beta Club honor society would be expected to participate in at least 15 hours of community service throughout the school year, and have the hours certified by us. There will also be an induction ceremony in January. Other events will be optional.

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