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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Homeschool Resources Group  offers resources for home educators (be it homeschoolers, public schoolers, private schoolers, or adults) to assist them in their educational goals.  Offerings are a-la-cart, and range from classes and activities, to clubs, and even the resources, themselves.

You don’t have to be a member to use us, but you can get the most out of the resources with a membership.  Our memberships require no contracts, and are flexible enough to allow use by one learner ($35 monthly), or all learners in a household ($65 monthly).  You can even choose a $5 daily membership if you want the memberships discounts and member offerings for only one day.  We offer discounts for quarterly, semester, and annual membership purchases.  Teachers teaching our classes also receive a 20% membership discount during their class tenure.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Members receive facility access to the building between 9am and 2pm.   You can also have your teen spend the day in the Center while you’re off working or completing other errands.  You can have them take classes, use a quiet room for studying, access a subject-specific tutor, play video games, air hockey, table tennis, or board games, participate in a club, activity, or social group, and even invite a few friends to hang out!
  • Members have full access to our resources at their leisure  (including curriculum lending library, computer lab resources, and 3D printer use).
  • Members receive discounts on classes and events requiring payment that are offered by Center teachers (does not apply to member-taught classes).
  • Members can reserve available rooms for their own use, and receive discounted rental fees for space rentals one-half off our hourly rental rate (up to a maximum of three rentals, based on availability), as well as one free classroom hourly rental per month.  You can teach your own course, have a business meeting, or run a club, for example!
  • Members can access free STEM workshops, Hour of Code, and programming labs.
  • Members can access our free drop-in Science Labs ($20 for non-members), taught by a Math, Science, Engineering, and Robotics teacher who is a professional programmer with an engineering background.
  • Members will receive other incentive offers throughout the year.


The decision to join or not to join is entirely a family choice.  Please contact us for further information.

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