About Us

About Us

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit homeschool and afterschool education resources center.  We’ve been operating as an online group with various classes and field trips since 2010.  We have over 450 families as virtual group members.  We have operated physically in loaned spaces around the city for specific activities.  We also have a pretty amazing set of robotics teams for our kids!


Some time ago, we began the hunt for space that would accommodate a symbiotic education and business space.  Our vision is to have a dedicated homeschool space where kids come come together in a secure environment, and attend classes, extra-curricular and recreational activities, and have access to resources that might otherwise be costly or difficult to procure (science and computer labs, libraries, etc).  We want to pair this with businesses who could both pull from our membership to provide our families with a broader experience, as well as operate on their own in a family-friendly environment.


This vision was born from my own experience as a single, homeschooling mom of three kids of varying ages and abilities.  The question is asked of me often, “how do I both work and homeschool?”  The answer is, “it’s not easy…it takes help; but it can be done!”  I homeschooled only my now-graduated son for years because he could remain home while I worked.  My younger two children stated out “afterschooling” with me, attending public school during the day.  My son, also, got pretty lonely being home all day by himself, and he was far too old for daycare.  Further, when we have activities; there is an obvious choice that has to be made, given the fact that at least one or two of my children will not be involved in the same activity at the same time.  The best-case scenario is one location that can fulfill all of their needs at one during a given time.  This center is meant to fulfill those needs.  We don’t limit ourselves to homeschoolers, however; and we hope to continue to open our resources to public and private school children in a summer and after-school setting.


I hope this space comes to mean as much to you as it does to me!


Shari Robinson
Want to read more about our story?  Check out my interview with SolidWorks Engineering as a featured Woman in Engineering for the month on May 2016!


  • Hi – We have an opportunity in Warrenton VA for homeschool students to attend afternoon classes at Old town Athletic club. They have a wonderful PE program. We do not have enough interest in our group to qualify for the deep discounts so we wanted to open up the opportunity to other homeschooling families to see if there would be additional interest. Let me know if we are able to post. Thanks so much, Kim Smith

  • Ildiko Keller says:

    Hi, we live in Sandston, VA and are getting ready to homeschool our daughter turning 5 this summer, any resources, groups that you could recommend for information would be great… Thank you

    • homeschoolresourcesgroup@gmail.com says:

      We do have some great resources in the Center available for use by our members. We also have Pre-K/K classes in the Center, as well as robotics for that age group. Stop by the Center sometime to check us out!

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